More Sports in West Park?

Melanie Kim, Class of 2026

A small birdie/shuttlecock comes crashing down almost to the ground before it swooshes back to the net by a swift movement from a racket. Fists in gloves striking opponents’ weak spots. Leaning back and blocking a sword that tries to touch the armor of a competitor. Wheels leap for the sky, while the biker analyzes the spot in the dusty ground below.

There are many sports that go unrecognized. Various students speak out their opinion on additional sports they believe West Park high school should include.

A sport that is uncommon to find in high schools, but not rare is badminton. Wanhong Lee, an eighteen year old who is currently a freshman in Sierra college stated, badminton is “enjoyable”and “often practiced and taught in PE,” The game badminton usually takes place in a gym. The equipment needed for this sport non professionally would be a net, shuttlecock, and most importantly a racket. This sport teaches hand and eye coordination which is important to know for many other sports.

Along with badminton, freshman Kristjana Quillopas who is experienced in both fencing and boxing stated, fencing should be included because it’s all “about strategy and skill”. Fencing teaches more than just how to use a sword. Being able to predict the other opponent’s move before getting struck.

While fencing teaches logically, boxing teaches physically. Quillopas stated, “Boxing helps you defend yourself,” A sport that can help protect a person can be useful especially in high school. It is common to possibly have a physical fight in high school, but generally knowing how to defend is important. Boxing can help an individual in the ‘real world’, if in a situation where fighting is necessary.

How about a sport that takes place in the wild? 8th grader Benjamin Abellon spoke his opinion on what sport he hopes West Park would provide when he attends. “A sport I think West park should include is mountain bike team – a lot of the high schools around here have one, so should we.” Mountain biking is often known as a dangerous sport. The skill to balance on a bike and navigate where to land can be difficult to achieve, but not impossible.

While many students ask for additional sports, they understand why West Park can’t include some of them. Quillopas made a point saying, West Park is a “new school” and adding more sports will be “costly”. Agreeing with Quillopas, freshman Bea Unidad stated, “There might not be enough players who are interested.”

Lots of students in West Park high school have different opinions about whether more sports should be included and which kind of sport. Freshman Lucas Peterson came up with the idea of “making a survey” and looking at other student’s interests in sports.

Overall, there are many ways to include more athletic activities. There is no limit to students’ ideas. Creating some sort of a ballot system to petition for a new sport that is not yet offered at school, could be a great new way to organize something new. Quillopas pointed out, “A lot of people are interested in different things, we are all not interested in the same thing.”