There’s Entrepreneurs All Around

Sukhpreet Johal, Class of 2026

Over here at West Park High, there are some exceptional local businesses. These local owners may be successful and start at a young age but behind the scenes, there’s a lot that goes to it. Kaleah Russ, Evan Dubra, and Lola Hill are all owners of businesses that have grown to be successful. Students of West Park and all in the Roseville area should consider checking out these individuals.

Kaleah’s’ Sweet Treats

Freshmen Kaleah Russ, at West Park High School, advertises cake pops on campus while also selling them outside of the campus. 

Russ had started selling cake pops back in middle school (8th grade) around halfway through the school year. The business was highly efficient for her and is even doing better in high school.

Russ was inspired to start selling cake pops because it gave her many opportunities, Russ stated “My brother told me it was a great way to save up money, and to put it towards college.”

Another thing that inspired her to keep going and to choose this specific business is her mom “…she also bakes and I would help her, and it just inspired me because I love baking, so getting to do it with her makes it enjoyable.”

Veronika Reznichenko, one of Kaleah Russ’ loyal customers stated, “Why I buy from Kaleah is because they are homemade, and one dollar which is very affordable.”

 Reznichenko has been buying from Russ for 2 years now and continues to, Reznichenko expressed “She started getting more customers and watching her grow is amazing, especially since I have been a customer of her for a while since she started. ”

Russ promotes her business through social media, and also by telling people about it at school, her Instagram is @kaleahs._.treats. Russ posts on this account when she’s going to sell and what cake pop flavors are coming out next, advertising like this has helped her significantly.

Evan’s cuts

Senior Evan Dubra, at West Park High, is in charge of his own haircut business. He has clipped the hair of many of the students at West Park High and even some of the teachers. 

Dubra had started about 2 years ago, during quarantine. Dubra stated, “I have gotten bad feedback before…but I just take it as constructive criticism, I fixed it up and just kept on going. People are always going to say something but you just have to keep going.” 

This is exactly what Dubra has done and is doing, he is now chopping hair for students outside of West Park, and cutting hair for little kids, adults, and more.

Dubra had started this business because “…I thought it would be a cool career, self-employed and everything, I can make my own hours”, He stated.

Dubra stated that his perspective on haircutting is, “I just saw how I could interact with other people, and if you think about it, it’s art in its own way.”

Something that keeps Dubra motivated and to keep going even if people are negative about his choice is “Don’t worry about what other people think, just keep going, and just try to put yourself out there.”

Dubra promotes his business on social media, his Instagram account is @evancutts. This is one of his many ways of advertising, and this type of advertising has brought incredible benefits to his business.

Not only does Dubra think about himself, but he also thinks about his customers. Dubra stated, “I make my prices affordable so people can actually afford it… because some barbers make their prices around $50, which could be a lot for a high school student.” Dubra’s prices are about $20, not only does it help his customers but they are still supporting him.

Dubra has big plans for his career, as being a senior he already has a blueprint for himself, Dubra stated. “I want to move to San Diego, open up my own shop, and start from there.”

Lola’s Nails

Sophomore Lola Hill, at West Park, is a nail technician. She has done many of her friends and other locals around Roseville’s nails. 

Hill has only been a nail tech for a full year, she started doing nails during quarantine since she would be bored, but not only did she pursue to find a passion for it she also got her own benefits such as making money, meeting new people, and much more. 

Hill stated, “I’ve always liked doing nails…and always had a thing for beauty so it’s just worked out perfectly. It’s also something I’m passionate about…”

At first, starting to do nails for Hills was tough, where she is today takes a lot of progress and dedication. Hill stated, “My nails did not look good when I first started, but I just kept going and I got better and started to like it more…”

Hill is also aware of today’s inflation when it comes to getting your nails done at a salon, she expressed, “…A lot of nail techs nowadays are very expensive and charge a lot for unnecessary things…so my prices start at 25 dollars.”

Her nails range from about $25 to around $75. Depending on the length and what individuals might get, she also has an Instagram called @nails.slaybylo which is filled with all the information one individual might need. 

Hill has been told by her parents many times that she should consider going to beauty school after high school, but Hill is just focused on making it through high school first and then planning out her future.

Hill expressed, “…It’s just that I’m just trying to focus on this school first before starting anything, or putting too much on my plate.”

Local Business On Campus

These are some of the West Park High students that are in charge of their talented and well-run local businesses. Kaleah, Evan, and Lola are all gifted students with bright futures ahead of them.