Staff Member Highlights

Arielle Espino, Class of 2023

As West Park High School opened the gates on August 8, 2022, new staff members enter with a heart warming welcome as they are now a part of our Panther family. 30 new staff members, 80 staff members in total. It’s exciting that we have staff members here who are engaging with students and witnessing as West Park grows as one.

“The highs are definitely the students. I love helping people, it’s my favorite part of my day.” One of our Campus Monitors, Bri Perezchica states. Perezchica helps students if they are struggling to go wherever they need to be. She has been working here at West Park ever since the opening in 2021. Perezchica is liking her job and that’s what Panther Pride looks like!

 Let’s move onto Eddie Swafford who is an Athlete Coach for football and one of our Campus Monitors as well. He states “It’s really fun. It’s one of the main reasons why I got into working for a school district and working for education.” This is Swafford’s first time working in a school district and working for education. So far, he is enjoying it and loving the presence of students. 

Now, here is a person who is part of the Administration, JP Smith. “I hope that all Panthers believe in themselves and realize, you truly can do anything you want to do..” Mr. Smith says. Mr. Smith is the Assistant Principal and been had history about being a staff member starting off at Woodcreek High School then moving to Antelope High School. He was the principle there until he moved here and became a panther. Mr. Smith seems to love working here at meeting new students. 

Renee Silva joined West Park November of last year. “I’ve enjoyed working here because, all the staff I feel have been very welcoming and friendly..” Silva states. Mrs. Silva is one of our secretaries for counselors. Lately, she has been noticing teachers engage with students around campus and creating a relationship with them and that’s what warms her heart about the staff. 

One of the custodians, Edwin Harris enjoys the presence of students. “[i enjoy seeing] The children, the kids definitely.” Out of all the things he sees here, it brights him light to see the kids here at West Park. “Just seeing them showing up, sometimes they’re rehearsing, singing in the cafeteria.” As the school day ends, he listens to the students singing and rehearsing their lines after school as he is cleaning the campus. “They make my day better and they make the time go faster because they’re always doing something.” Harris loves to see students do their own thing as it brings him joy to get to hear and see them prepare for the upcoming play this year. 

“[I see myself working here for the rest of my career because] I really enjoy the academic structure at West Park..” Bryan Dreyer states. Mr. Dreyer is one of our other football coaches here and is also teaching (AP) Government/Economics. Dreyer enjoys the community structure at West Park as he states, “I believe that is the best place to work in the entire region.” 

Here is another introduction of one of our Coaches at West Park who has played for the 49ers and is now teaching students at West Park High School. Jason Tenner, Tenner coaches the varsity football team and is making his students D1. “I’ve worked at a lot of different schools and this is by far the best.” Tenner states about how it’s like being a staff member. “We have amazing staff, we have people who care a lot about kids and about the community and what we’re tryna do here.” Tenner states that the Administation here are very supportive of their students and West Park students make it a great place to be.

As the year is approaching fast as there is only one more month left of 2022, West Park continues its growth. Many staff members have been thankful enough that they were able to witness their our students grow year after year. It is safe to say, teachers are loving the atmosphere here and is truly looking forward to making their mark as they continue being a staff here at West Park High School.