Do You Know Bri?

Sydney Rice, Class of 2023

It’s rare to find an adult who wants to be part of the process of shaping young minds before they’re sent out into the world. It’s like a mama bird and a baby bird. The mama bird is there in the beginnings of life for the baby bird to feed and care for it, just like the journey through school. We have staff and resources to help care for students while they’re still ‘in the nest’. As soon as they reach the high school level that’s when they get thrown from the nest and have to figure out how to fly on their own. Then they become less dependent on teachers/staff. Kids still need guidance and help to figure out the way of life; just how the mama bird continues to help and teach her baby bird. Up until the day of graduation when we pack up ‘leave the nest’ and start our own adventure

Brianna Perezchica is one ‘mama bird’ we have on the West Park campus. 

Bri is a campus monitor here at West Park High School. She is the heart of West park. Always putting the needs of the students first. Day after day, month after month, she is there for the students. She is “one of the hardest working women,” said Edward Swafford, another West Park campus monitor. 

A high school campus monitor isn’t the only thing Bri does. She has a family and friends that she spends time with when she not around the students of West Park. She has had a lot of life experiences that help her do a better job at work and understand how to connect with the students she’s around all day. 

Bri inspires every single day whether she knows it or not. Her experiences are what shaped her and made her so strong. It also plays a role in how she connects with the students around campus. Knowing how to go through life and help students get on a better path is what she is good at. Being compassionate towards them during the hard times. 

She knows how to interact with students because she has had teenagers herself and raised them. Bri knows how they think and how they feel because she’s a mom of “two children. One is in high school and the other is a marine,” said Ms. Del Hardy. This is a great quality to better help the environment around campus.

“Bri is dedicated, hardworking and compassionate,” said Swafford. After all the students are the body of West Park and Bri is the heart. 

To being the first smiling face you see walking into campus or an easy person to walk up and talk to throughout the day, Bri is always there. She does so much for West Park but that’s all anyone really knows about her.

There’s a whole other side to her that no one really knows about. Such as her hobbies, passions, things that she enjoys, etc. 

Brianna Perezchica

Pop quiz! Fun facts about Bri.

  1. What are hobbies she enjoys? a) Reading, b) camping/hiking, c) Being outdoors, d) family time, or e) all of the above.
  2. Favorite vacation spot? a) Hawaii, b) Disneyland, c) Florida, d) Bahamas, e) all of the above.
  3. What is her favorite exotic flower? a) Plumeria, b) bird of paradise, c) lotus, d) Calla lilies, e) all of the above.
Brianna Perezchica

She has many hobbies such as, reading, camping/hiking, being outdoors, and spending time with her family. She loves to vacation in Disneyland. That’s where her and her family go spend quality family time together. She enjoys all different genres of music and movies. Monopoly is one of her favorite board games and her family has a tradition of playing every New Years Eve. Pie face is also another enjoyable game along with card games. There are standard beauties in life and then there’s exotic beauties. Bri’s favorite exotic flower is the lotus, exotic animals is a panther, and food escargot (snails). So how did you do on the pop quiz?

Brianna Perezchica

“One thing that I like about Bri is that she’s the same person when she’s at work as she is at home,” said Swafford. 

To describe Bri, Ms. Del had to say, “My favorite thing about Bri is her kind heart. She has a heat of gold and would give the shirt off of her back if needed. In a couple of words I would describe Bri as kind, lovable, strong, and beautiful.” 

 “She’s awesome!” Assistant principal John Smith said. “Super appreciative of how welcoming and reliable she is. Also her interactions with students is awesome.”