Does He Have What It Takes?

Kendall Jones, Class of 2023

Being a brand new teacher starting your own program comes with its challenges, teacher Micah Albert is trying to make the most of his experience as he navigates this new experience. Mr.Albert, West Park High School’s new photography teacher is a CTE teacher, meaning he is fresh out of the industry with vast experience, and ready to teach others all he knows about photography. 

Before making the decision to start teaching Albert had a very successful career across the globe with photography. He has traveled to many different countries, including Mexico, Kenya, Yemen, and Sudan for different job opportunities. Each place he has been to brought a new adventure that helped shape who Albert is as a person. There have been many complications that have almost taken his life, but Albert comes out stronger each time and ready for his next challenge. He has found himself stuck in the middle of wars, riots, and protests as he attempts to make strict deadlines and the perfect image of these mind blowing situations. He has been featured in many big news outlets for his work, such as the New York Times and National Geographic. He has created some exceptional work and has been through some astonishing  experiences throughout his career. Albert has had a very successful career which involved various awards to prove it. Including the picture above which won the World Press Photo Award, one of the biggest awards in the industry

Albert’s family | Taken by Micah Albert

Mr. Albert also has a family of his own consisting of a wife, daughter, and son. His family brings him a great amount of happiness and pride, he enjoys being able to spend time with these important people in his life while sharing experiences together. They have even had the opportunity to join Albert on his expeditions around the world to capture the best photojournalism pictures he can. They have all faced some wild and out of the ordinary experiences while working towards capturing captivating images. “Risk taker, having high standards, and works hard yet plays hard.” is how Albert expressed he feels his family would describe him. Together they travel the world making memories  while having images that will last a lifetime.

As Albert settles down a bit he finds himself with a new adventure in front of him, but not quite like any he has been on before. He got the privilege of helping West Park High School begin their first ever photography program. Being brand new to the teaching world has obstacles of its own but having to create a brand new program from scratch at the same time is a whole new ball game. But this has not discouraged Albert from trying his best and doing it with a smile each day.

”He is a cool teacher because he has a lot of hands-on experience and fascinating stories to tell.” Taya Packer, a student in Photo 1 commented when asked what it is like to have Mr. Albert as a teacher. 

 Facing issues with technology and inventory he has had to become creative with assignments and curriculum. Going without cameras in a photography class forces the teacher and students to have innovative ways of learning the photography basics. He has had colleagues who have helped him find his footing as a teacher, they have taught him various skills involving technology or student interaction.  As the classes receive more of their equipment Mr.Albert’s true essence is getting to shine through as he teaches the class how to use the cameras and edit photos.

Albert has some goals he hopes to be able to accomplish as a teacher. He strives to be able to have a fully functioning photography class system involving Photo 1 , 2, and 3 in the upcoming years. “It’s going to be less focusing on the basics, more challenging, more real world, and more rewarding for students” Albert states when discussing how Photo 3 will vary from the first two classes. He looks forward to being able to truly showcase what photography is all about, and being able to help students find their ways through the field and possibly even into future careers.

Micah Albert is a friendly face on campus who is ready to help you with any photography needs or to just tell you a crazy story. He is a great photographer who is doing an excellent job as he navigates through the high school experience for the first time.